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Continuous Spray Water Bottle 16 oz

Continuous Spray Water Bottle 16 oz

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16 oz Continuous Spray Bottle utilizes a powerful pre-compression technology: For hair, after pre-compression, one pull of the trigger produces a continuous fine mist for approximately 0.5 to 1 second. 
Second: For use on plants or for cleaning, pull the trigger several times in succession to produce a continuous spray for 2 to 3 seconds. 

Warm reminder: Do not use hot water over 149 degrees Fahrenheit to clean bottles.

【Continuous Fine Mist Spray】The pump makes the hand less tired compared to traditional trigger and fingertip sprays, and the nozzle diameter is 0.22mm so the spray is very even and fine. The duration of the spray is related to the number of times the trigger is pulled. A essential mist continuous spray bottle

Leak Proof, 360° SPRAYING】Our spray bottle adopts wrapped bottle mouth thread locking design, this way can maximise the protection of the liquid will not leak. Lid will not come off easily at the same time the head only rotated 180 .

PREMIUM QUALITY SPRAY BOTTLE】The "Best Continuous Spray Bottle" preferred by home service providers. durable and long-lasting, It has a lightweight trigger, fine spray, and can be used horizontally or upside down as long as the straw always draws in liquid. this is the most common BPA-free refillable spray bottle on the web.

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